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    00:00  Select the Application menu.
    00:03  Select Publish
    00:06  Scroll down if needed.
    00:09  Select Publishing Profiles to create or edit any existing publishing profiles. Changing these will change them for all team members and courses moving forward.
    00:12  Select the desired profile on the left and click Edit. If creating a new profile, select Create.
    00:15  Select the Behavior tab to access the xAPI specific settings.
    00:18  If needed, scroll down to the Automatic xAPI Statements section.
    00:21  Click the checkbox to turn on or off any of the types of xAPI statements.
    00:24  Select the question mark to learn about what type of information this statement provides.
    00:27  Click on the Update button to save your changes.
    00:30  Select the Close button when you are done editing and creating Publishing Profiles.
    00:33  To change a default profile for a course, you can edit the Cour Properties, or select a new profile when publishing.
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