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    00:00  Create a course with multiple modules. Each module will generate a module score. For xAPI select the module and provide it with the proper name and description.
    00:05  Click on the selection button to select the module properties.
    00:10  Click on Module Properties
    00:15  In the right flyout, edit Module Title and Description providing appropriate details.
    00:20  Click on Update to save the results and then repeat this process for your other modules.
    00:25  Now click on Masters to edit the Master pages and the Default Module Summary.
    00:30  Select Default Module Summary to pick a template.
    00:35  Click New From Template
    00:40  From the templates select one that best matches your needs.
    00:45  Click Insert to replace the default Module Summary page with a customizeable page.
    00:50  Click Interact to add an xAPI statement action.
    00:55  Click Triggers
    01:00  Click is Loaded to trigger the action when the page is loaded.
    01:05  Click Functions and Variables to get the Set xAPI option.
    01:10  Click Send xAPI Statement
    01:15  Click Next
    01:20  Fill out the options in the right flyout selecting the Verb, entering a URI, select Type and putting a Name and Description in. In Response, right click and select Current Module Post Score to send the module score.
    01:25  Once you have filled in the desired items in the right flyout, click Apply to add the action. As this action is now the End of Module screen for all of your modules, it will send send the current module score to your LRS when the user finishes each module test.
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