Step 1

Select plus button on dotted line.

Step 2

Select Add a Blank Row.

Step 3

Select 1 Column Row icon.

Step 4

Select Insert tab.

Step 5

Select Buttons dropdown list from Controls section.

Step 6

Select the rounded corners button.

Step 7

Select the available placeholder element.

Step 8

Double click the button element to add text.

Step 9

Click on hotspot

Step 10

Select Interact tab.

Step 11

Select Triggers dropdown list.

Step 12

Select Is Interacted With... list item.

Step 13

Select the Click Mouse Event

Step 14

Select Next.

Step 15

Select Navigation and Branching

Step 16

Select Branch to Page

Step 17

Select Next.

Step 18

Select the page titled Another Page from the Page Link panel on the right.

Step 19

Select Save Link.

Step 20

Steps completed

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