Step 1

Select the image element on the stage.

Step 2

Select the + icon.

Step 3

Select the hotspot over the Botnets section of the image.

Step 4

Select the Actions (lightning bolt) icon.

Step 5

The When I am Clicked panel opens, listing several of the available actions. We want to set up a Show action. Select More...

Step 6

The Triggers and Actions dialog box opens. Select Show.

Step 7

Select Next.

Step 8

The Element Interactions panel opens.

In the Targets list, select the BotnetsText element.

Step 9

The selected text element is shown highlighted on the stage, for confirmation. Select Apply.

Step 10

You can test out the action by selecting Preview, which opens a Current Page Preview. Select Done.

Step 11

The Element Interactions panel closes.

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