Step 1

Select (single-click) the Text Input element.

Step 2

Select the Insert tab.

Step 3

Select the Buttons option.

Step 4

Under the Standard Buttons list, select the second option for a rectangular button with radiused corners.

Step 5

The Stage will show you the locations where you can add the Button element. Select the location right below the Text Input element.

Step 6

The button is added to the page in the selected location. Double click on the button text to rename it. In this example, we named the button Submit.

Step 7

On the Selection Control Bar, select the Alignment option.

Step 8

Select the Center Alignment option.

Step 9

The button is now centered within the element. Select the page background to leave the text editing mode.

Step 10

The button has been added and center-aligned on the Page.

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