Step 1

Select Add to Your Page.

Step 2

The Add to your Page panel will open, showing the Favorites list which is pre-populated with commonly-used elements. Select Rich Text.

Step 3

The Text Element will be added in the middle of the page. You can use the handle on the right edge of the element to set a different width. Select the handle and drag the element to its new width.

Step 4

The element has been set to the new width.

Step 5

You can use drag and drop to move the element to a new location. Select the element and drag it to its new location.

Step 6

The element has been moved to its new location.

Step 7

In this example we aren't adding more elements, so select the X to close the Add to your Page panel.

Step 8

You can now edit the placeholder text in the Text Element using the Pencil icon.

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