Step 1

Select the Insert Tab.

Step 2

Select the Form Controls button.

Step 3

For this example we'll add a Text Input box. Other options include a Basic Input box, a Password Input box and a Number Input box. Select the Text Input box option.

Step 4

Choose where you want the Text Input box added to your page. In this examples we'll add it to the left-side Placeholder. Select the left-side Placeholder.

Step 5

The Text Input box includes a label that you can easily change just like any other text element by double-clicking to edit it. In this example, we'll change the label to provide the instructions, "Type your name in the field below:". Select the Input Label and we'll take care of that for you.

Step 6

You can use the Format tab options to change the settings for the Text Input box, such as the maximum number of characters the learner is allowed to type. Also, when you added the Text Input box a variable was automatically added to your course. This variable is the "storage" name for the text the learner will type. You can confirm the exact name of the Variable using the Form Variables button on the Interaction tab. Select the Interaction Tab.

Step 7

Select the Form Variables button.

Step 8

The Form Variables Panel will open. You'll see your Form Control on the left, and the name of the variable associated with it on the right.

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