Step 1

Select the Insert Tab.

Step 2

Select Audio.

Step 3

Select Insert Narration.

Step 4

The Media Browser will open. If the audio file is already uploaded, simply select it. Otherwise, upload the file then select it. Select Audio Narration File.

Step 5

Select Insert.

Step 6

The audio file is added to your page. On the Options tab, it has been set as Narration, as well as set to Autoplay and to Full Controls. Below the Stage, select Timeline.

Step 7

The Timeline has also been set to synchronize to the narration file, which you can confirm by the "Narration:" timing field.
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     Asked 2 months ago    razzak.hussain      0   |   0  
    Unanswered Thank you for this tutorial. But when I did this, I am not able to view the audio and other elements in timeline. Is there any issue with my account permission?