Step 1

Select Insert.

Step 2

Select Form Controls.

Step 3

Select one of the three slider options.

Step 4

Select where on the Page to add the Slider.

Step 5

Move and resize the slider to the desired postion/size.

Step 6

Select Variable under Variables.

Step 7

Select the dropdown menu beside Slider.

Step 8

Select New Variable.

Step 9

Select the Input. Give the slider a Variable name. (Ex Slider1).

Step 10

Select Ok.

Step 11

Select the Min input under Range. Change the Min to 1.

Step 12

Select the Max input under Range. Change the Max to 3. This will set the slider to have three stop positions.

Step 13

Select the Step input under Range. Change the Step to 1.

Step 14

The Slider is added and the Variable is set. As the learner moves the slider, the variable will store the value of the setting.

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