Step 1

Note: Before starting, make sure you've copied the video embed code from the video hosting source. To begin adding the embedded video to your page, select the Insert Tab.

Step 2

Select the Embed button.

Step 3

Select the Embed Video option.

Step 4

Select where you want the Embded Video element to be placed. For this example, select the left Placeholder.

Step 5

The Embedded Video Properties Panel will open. The Source, Min Width and Min Height fields will all be shown in blue and the Create button will be unavailable. You need to paste the embed video code from your clipboad into the Source field. To do that now, click on the Source field and we'll paste the code in for you.

Step 6

After pasting in the video embed code, you must verify it. Click the Verify button.

Step 7

A Preview panel will open, where you can play the video to confirm it is correct and working. Select the X to close the panel.

Step 8

Verifying the video confirms and completes the Min Width and Min Height fields. The Create button is now available. Click Create to complete the proess.

Step 9

The panel will close and the video will be added to the Placeholder.

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