Step 1

Select the button on the Stage.

Step 2

Select the Actions Element Control (lightning bolt icon).

Step 3

Select Show an image in a Light Box.

Step 4

The Element Interactions panel will open to the right of the Stage. Leave the Trigger setting as When clicked. Leave the Timer set at 0:0.0. Select Add Asset.

Step 5

The Media Browser will open. Select the image.

Step 6

Select Insert.

Step 7

The image is now shown on the assets list on the Element Interactions panel. Select Apply when all images have been added.

You can add more than one image using the Add Asset button. The Light Box will automatically switch to a carousel display so the learner can move from one image to the next.

Step 8

The Actions Element Control (lightning bolt icon) now shows a dark purple circle, indicating that an Action has been applied to the button. Select Preview to view the action.

Step 9

In the Preview browser that opens, select the Click here to view larger image button.

Step 10

The image opens in a light box or modal window over the main page. Select the X in the upper right corner to close the light box.

Step 11

The light box is closed and the main page is fully visible again.

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