Step 1

In this lesson we'll add a new sub-heading text element below the heading text element currently on the page. To begin, select the heading text element.

Step 2

In the breadcrumb, select the Group.

Step 3

The Group is now outlined on the Stage, and an Add Layout icon is shown below the heading text element. Select the Add Layout icon.

Step 4

Select the one-column layout option.

Step 5

A single-column placeholder has been added to the Group, showing several content options. For this example, select the Rich Text option.

Step 6

A text element is added in the Placeholder's position. For this example, select the text element and we'll add text for you.

Step 7

Let's format this text element to reflect its role as sub-heading text. Select the center-align option.

Step 8

Select the Format tab above the Stage.

Step 9

Select H3.

Step 10

The text is now displaying at the H3 setting. Select anywhere below the page to finish.

Step 11

The new text element is formatted on the page.

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