Step 1

Select the header element on the page.

Step 2

In the breadcrumb above the Stage, select the icon for the Group.

Step 3

The Group is now highlighted on the Stage. Below the header element is an icon with a + sign. Select the icon.

Step 4

Layout options are now shown. Select the one-column layout.

Step 5

A placeholder is added. Select the Rich Text option.

Step 6

A text element is added. Select the element and we'll add text for this exercise.

Step 7

Click outside of the element to save the text changes.

Step 8

To confirm the element has been added to the existing group, you can view the Page Structure. Select the arrow to open the left-side menu.

Step 9

Select the Page tab.

Step 10

You can see that the Group now has two Rich Text elements.

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