Step 1

Select (single click) the project name on the Outline.

Step 2

Select the three-dot menu.

Step 3

Select View Properties.

Step 4

The Properties panel will open on the right side of the Stage. In the Organization section is a setting, "Is a Baseline:" (You may need to scroll to see this setting.) Select the checkbox for Is a Baseline.

Step 5

Select Update.

Step 6

The Properties panel will close. To use the Baseline to start a new project, select the New Project quicklink in the upper left corner.

Step 7

Select Baselines.

Step 8

The Baseline project now appears as an option here. Select the baseline.

Step 9


Step 10

On the New Project From Baseline panel, rename the project. For this exercise, select the name field and we'll add a name.

Step 11

Selecting Keep Asignments will mean that any authors or reviewers assigned to the original Baseline will be assigned to the new project. Select Duplicate Project.

Step 12

The new project will open.
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