Step 1

Select Question.

Step 2

Select Custom.

Step 3

Select Drag and Drop.

Step 4

Select the Blank Drag and Drop option (12_Drag and Drop).

Step 5

Select As Practice Question.

Step 6

Select the page to modify the layout.

Step 7

Select Insert.

Step 8

Select Drop Target.

Step 9

Select where on the Page to add the Drop Target.

Step 10

Select Options.

Step 11

Style the drop target.  Select the last option under Color.  This will remove the default fill color.

Step 12

Select Pick a Fill to use a custom color.

Step 13

Select the Third option under the first row.

Step 14

Resize the drop target so it is big enough to fit the full finished puzzle.

Step 15

The Drop Target has been reized. Upload all the Jigsaw images to the media browser, and add them to the page. In this case, we created the pieces using Photoshop and imported each individual image (puzzle piece) into Claro then added each puzzle piece to the page. Each puzzle piece needs to be its own element.

Step 16

Select Question.

Step 17

Select Choices.

Step 18

Select Add.

Step 19

Select Match.

Step 20

Select the dropdown beside Drag Item.

Step 21

Select 1.

Step 22

Select the dropdown beside Drop Target.

Step 23

Select Drop Target.

Step 24

Select Ok.

Step 25

Select Add. Add Matches for all of the pieces.

Step 26

Select Update.

Step 27

Matches are added. Next, we are going to change some of the question settings to remove feedback and default question buttons. Select Disable Previous.

Step 28

Select Disable Next.

Step 29

Select Disable Submit.

Step 30

Select Disable try again.

Step 31

Preview the Current Page to see how the Jigsaw Puzzle will look and behave for your learners.

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