Step 1

Double-click on the List element.

Step 2

The Edit List panel will open. Select an Item on the list to edit its text.

Step 3

In this example, we’ve changed the text to Step One. Select outside of the Item to save the text change.

Step 4

Select +Add to add new Items to your List.

Step 5

The new Item is added and is ready for you to type a name. Select the text field and we'll add a name for this example.

Step 6

In this example, we’ve added the text Step Four. Select outside of the Item to save the text change.

Step 7

To delete an item, roll your mouse cursor over it and select the X. In this example, we've rolled over the Step Four item to show the X. Select the X to delete this item.

Step 8

Select Use Numbers to switch the list to a numbered list.

Step 9

Select No Icons to set the list to have no icons or numbers.

Step 10

Select Use Icons to add icons once more.

Step 11

To change an Icon, select it.

Step 12

The Pick an Icon panel will open. Select an Icon.

Step 13

Select Ok to save the choice.

Step 14

The new icon choice is now displayed to the left of the Item. Select Ok to save your changes and close the Edit List panel.

Step 15

The changes are now shown in the List on the Stage.

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