Step 1

Select the Timeline on the page.

Step 2

To edit the content within the Timeline, select the Edit Icon in the Inline Toolbar, or double-click the Timeline.

Step 3

Select the First Node Icon.

Step 4

Select the three-dot menu in the Inline Toolbar for the Node.

Step 5

Select Options.

Step 6

The Options tab has a number of design options for the Timeline Node. You can change the Color of the node, change the icon, or use an image for an icon. Select Grey (Option 1) for the Color of the node.

Step 7

To change the Icon, double click the Node on the page.

Step 8

Select the Filled Star in the 1st row.

Step 9

Select Ok.

Step 10

The Icon on the Node is changed. To use an Image as an Icon for the Node, select Image under Node Settings.

Step 11

Under the Media dropdown select Image.

Step 12

Select ShareContent_grey.

Step 13

Select Insert.

Step 14

The Node now uses an Image as the Icon. Select the Left Side of the page/Left Side Panel to return to the page content.

Step 15

Preview the Current Page to see how the Timeline Component will look and behave for your learners.

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