Step 1

Select the Timer on the page.

Step 2

Select the Options tab.

Step 3

The Options and Style tab have a number of control and design options for the Timer as a whole. You can adjust the options, set a variable, change the variation, choose a size, and change the color and style of the timer. Use the FX tab to add entrance effects.  Select Option 3 under Size to make the timer bigger.

Step 4

Under Options, select Binding.

Step 5

The Progress Bindings popup shows. Here you can adjust the amount of time to Count Down from or Count Up to by using the Use Value Option. Or you can display a value from a Variable. Within the Use Value field, select the down triangle to adjust the timer to display 4 seconds.

Step 6

Select Ok.

Step 7

Under options, make sure Count Down and Auto Start under Options are selected. Count Down enables the “Out of Time!” Text show once the timer runs out.  Auto Start, will start the timer automatically once the page loads. Select the Interact tab.

Step 8

Select Triggers under Element Interactions.

Step 9

Select Media/Timer is… Under Selected Element.

Step 10

Select Ends under When This Element.

Step 11

Select Next.

Step 12

Under Hides and Shows select Show.

Step 13

Select Next.

Step 14

The Element Interactions Panel shows, Select the Out of ime Text element under Targets.

Step 15

Select Apply.

Step 16

Select Done.

Step 17

Preview the current page to see how the Out of time! Text will display after the Timer runs out.

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