Step 1

You can change the text for the heading, instructions (if any) and the question by editing the respective element on the Stage. Select the question text element.

Step 2

Select the pencil icon to edit the element.

Step 3

Select the question text element once more and we'll add text for this example.

Step 4

Select outside the element to save the text changes.

Step 5

To make changes to the other settings for the question, select the Question tab.

Step 6

Select Choices

Step 7

The Edit Question Properties panel opens. For True or False questions, use the Answer: menu to set the correct response. Select the Answer: menu.

Step 8

Select False.

You can also change the weighting value for the question if you want it to have a greater weight in the assessment scoring.

Step 9

Select Feedback.

Step 10

The Question Feedback panel opens. When you add a question, it is set to use the default feedback for the Project. Click into the text edit area and we'll add Correct response feedback for this question.

Step 11

Select the Incorrect Feedback option.

Step 12

Click into the text edit area and we'll add Incorrect response feedback for this question.

Step 13

Select Done.

Step 14

The Feedback panel will close. To complete your changes, you need to save them. Select Update.

Step 15

The changes will be saved and the Properties panel will close.

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