Step 1

Select the Actions tab.

Step 2

The Actions tab lists the Actions set up on a Page. You can drill down to get more details. Select the triangle beside Button.

Step 3

You can now see there is a Show Action set up for this element. If there were multiple actions, they would all be shown here. Select the triangle beside When clicked Show Elements.

Step 4

You can now see what the Target of the Action is. To Edit this Action, double click on When clicked Show Elements.

Step 5

The Element Interactions panel opens, and you can now make edits. The Remove button will remove (delete) the action altogether. When you are fiished editing select Apply.

Step 6

The Preview button at the bottom of the Element Interactions panel will open a Current Page Preview so you can test out the edited interaction. You can also add more Actions to this Trigger by selecting the Add button.

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