Step 1

Select the Multiple Choice, or True or False Question with Popup feedback on the page.

Step 2

On the Left Side Panel Select Actions.

Step 3

Double click Inline Question.

Step 4

The Element Interactions right side panel will open. Select the first option.

Step 5

Select Edit.

Step 6

You can change the header, body content, style, effect, the banner type, the trigger, duration and add a timer to the popup. Select Header. Add text.

Step 7

The text is updated. Select Style dropdown.

Step 8

Change the style of the popup to Orange.

Step 9

Select the Content. Add text.

Step 10

The new conent text is added. Select Effect.

Step 11

Take a look at the Effect Options. Select Type.

Step 12

Take a look at the Type options. Select Apply.

Step 13

Select the second option under Element Interactions to edit the wrong popup.

Step 14

Select Edit.

Step 15

Select the Header text. Add text.

Step 16

Select the Content. Add text.

Step 17

The text is added. Select Apply.

Step 18

Select Done.

Step 19

Preview the Current Page to see how the Question will look and behave for your learners.

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