Step 1

Select the Interact tab.

Step 2

Select Triggers.

Step 3

In the Variables section, select More...

Step 4

To start, we'll set the Trigger (the event that needs to happen in order to enable the Next button). Select Variables.

Step 5

Select the Select a Variable drop-down list.

Step 6

Select the variable AllClicked.

Step 7

Select Ok.

Step 8

Since the Custom Variable is a number variable, the related set of options is now shown. Select Equal to.

Step 9

The Enter Value field is where you add in the value that you are checking for. For our example, we want to know when the AllClicked variable reaches a value of 3. Select the Enter Value field and we'll add in 3 for you.

Step 10

Select Next.

Step 11

Now that we've set the Trigger we need to set the Action that will be triggered (i.e., what will happen when the variable reaches 3.) Select Player Controls.

Step 12

Select Enable Next Button.

Step 13

Select Next.

Step 14

The Page Actions and Timings panel will open to the right of the Stage so you can confirm the settings that have been chosen. Select Apply.

Step 15

The action has been added. You will need to use the Full Project Preview to confirm that the action is working.

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