Step 1

Select the Video Element on the page.

Step 2

Double-Click the Video Element to access the Elements within the Video.

Step 3

Select The No Label.

Step 4

Select the Interact tab.

Step 5

Select Actions.

Step 6

Select Media & Timers under Triggers.

Step 7

Select Play under Media & Timers.

Step 8

Select Next.

Step 9

Select the Video Element under Element Interactions.

Step 10

Select Apply.

Step 11

The video is now set to play when the No Label is clicked. To hide the Yes and No labels once the No label is clicked, select Add in the Element Interactions side panel.

Step 12

Select Hide under Hides and Shows.

Step 13

Select Next.

Step 14

Select Label 2 within the Video Element under the Element Interactions side panel.

Step 15

Select Label 1 within the Video Element.

Step 16

Select the dropdown beside Effect.

Step 17

Select None.

Step 18

Select Apply.

Step 19

Select Done.

Step 20

Select Exit.

Step 21

If the No Label is selected, the labels will disappear, and the video will keep playing.

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