Step 1

Select (single-click) the button element.

Step 2

Select the Interact tab.

Step 3

Select Actions.

Step 4

Select Show Pop Up.

Step 5

Select Next.

Step 6

The Element Interactions panel will open on the right side of the Stage so you can complete the settings for the Pop Up. The Header: field allows you to add Header text for your Pop Up. In this example we'll use "Check Your Work". Click the Header: field and we'll add the text for you.

Step 7

The Content: field allows you to add feedback text. In this example we're going to add some initial text then show the text saved to the Rewrite variable then follow that with more feedback text. Click the Content: field and we'll add the first text for you.

Step 8

To tell the Pop Up to display the variable text, right-click at the place where you want to insert the variable string.

Step 9

A list of options will appear. The Rewrite variable is a Custom Variable. Select the Custom Variables option.

Step 10

You'll see a list of the Custom variables created for the Project so far. Select the Rewrite (string) variable.

Step 11

The variable string is now added to the Content: field. You can now add the remaining text content. For this example, click below the Rewrite variable and we'll add the remaining text for you.

Step 12

Select Apply to save the settings for the Pop Up.

Step 13

Select Done.

Step 14

Use the Full Project Preview option to test typing into the Text Input box then viewing the feedback using the Submit button.

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