Step 1

To set a Show timing for the PageHeaderText element, click anywhere on the blue bar beside the element.

Step 2

The blue bar now shows a vertical bar icon and a pen icon. Select the vertical bar icon and drag it to a new location on the timeline. In this example, we'll set it at 1 second.

Step 3

Select the Pen icon to change the appearance effect and timing.

Step 4

Select Slide from the Entrance Effect drop down list.

Step 5

Select the direction icon (the arrow pointing to the right) to set the direction the Slide effect will move in. Leave the Duration set at 0.5 seconds.

Step 6

Click the Apply button to set the effect.

Step 7

On the timeline, the blue bar now has a lighter section from 1 to 1.5 seconds. This represents the timing of the Slide effect we set.

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