Step 1

Select the blue bar beside the Attachments image.

Step 2

The bar turns dark blue. It also now shows handles at both ends as well as a pencil icon at the left end. Select the handle at the left end and drag it to the 2.5-second mark. TIP: You can drag the red vertical line (called the Playhead) to another time location. This can make it easier to select the handle on the element's row.

Step 3

This sets the image to appear at 2.5 seconds, based on the audio file.

Step 4

Select the pencil icon.

Step 5

Select the down triangle on the Entrance Effect menu.

Step 6

Select Slide.

Step 7

Select the Up icon to set the direction of the Slide entrance effect. Leave the Duration set at 0.5 - this is how long the Slide effect will take to complete.

Step 8

Select Apply.

Step 9

You can check your settings at any time by using the Play button on the Timeline panel or by doing a Current Page Preview.

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