Step 1

Select the Text Element on the Page.

Step 2

Select Element States below the Stage.

Step 3

Select the + card.

Step 4

The New State panel will open. The first step is to set the State that the element will change to, in this case showing the text as center-aligned.

Select all the text - for this example, click the text and we'll select it for you.

Step 5

Select the Center Align option.

Step 6

Select Trigger Type (or select Next).

Step 7

Select Breakpoint.

Step 8

Select Set Trigger.

Step 9

Select Extra Small.

Step 10

Select Settings.

Step 11

Select Done.

Step 12

The new State has been added to the Element States panel.

Close the panel by selecting the X.

Step 13

Select the Extra Small breakpoint icon.

Step 14

The text in the element changes from left-aligned to center-aligned.

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