Step 1

Select the Triggers dropdown arrow.

Step 2

Select the Is Changed option in the Variables section at the bottom of the dropdown box.

Step 3

Click the Variable name dropdown list to select the variable.

Step 4

Select NewCheckMarkVAR(boolean)

Step 5

Select Ok button.

Step 6

Select True.

Step 7

Select Next

Step 8

Select Show action.

Step 9

Select Next.

Step 10

Select the Image checkbox in the Page Actions and Timings panel on the right.

Step 11

Select Apply. That sets up the Show action. Now let's setup the variable to hide the image when it is false.

Step 12

Select Add.

Step 13

Select Hide action.

Step 14

Select Next.

Step 15

Select the Image check box.

Step 16

Select the Trigger dropdown list.

Step 17

Select menu item: When variable is...

Step 18

Click on --Select a variable--

Step 19

Select menu item: NewCheckMarkVAR (boolean)

Step 20

Select Value dropdown list.

Step 21

Select menu item: False

Step 22

Select Apply.

Step 23

Select Done.

Step 24

Steps completed

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