Step 1

Select the button element on the page.

Step 2

Select the Interaction Tab.

Step 3

Select the Actions button.

Step 4

Select Set Variable.

Step 5

On the right-side tab, leave the Trigger: set as When Clicked, leave the Timer: set as 0:0.0. Select the Variable drop down list.

Step 6

Select New Variable.

Step 7

Click into the Name: field.

Step 8

Type in a unique name for the Variable. In this example, we'll use FlowComplete.

Step 9

Select the Type: drop down list.

Step 10

Select True/False (Boolean).

Step 11

Leave the Value: field set as True. Select the Fire Once checkbox.

Step 12

Leave the Conditions: field empty. Select the Apply button.

Step 13

Steps completed.

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