Step 1

Click on the Application Menu to set up the LRS Endpoint(s)

Step 2

Select Publish from the Application Menu

Step 3

Scroll down and select Targets

Step 4

Click on New Target to create your LRS Target. You can have as many LRS targets as you need.

Step 5

Enter the name of your LRS Target. This makes it easy to select the desired LRS endpoint(s) when publishing your packge.

Step 6

Click on Chrome Legacy Window

Step 7

In URL, enter your LRS end point URL. Ask your LRS providers for the specific information.

Step 8

Click on Chrome Legacy Window

Step 9

Select Default if you would like this LRS end point to be selected for use every time you publish.

Step 10

In User ID, select your LRS endpoint user ID.

Step 11

In Password, enter your LRS endpoint password or "secret".

Step 12

Click on Create to save your LRS endpoint.

Step 13

Click on the X to close the LRS endpoint set up, or create a second target if you need to.

Step 14

You are now ready to use your LRS endpoint(s) for sending xAPI data.

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