Step 1

Select the Application menu.

Step 2

Select Publish

Step 3

Scroll down if needed.

Step 4

Select Publishing Profiles to create or edit any existing publishing profiles. Changing these will change them for all team members and courses moving forward.

Step 5

Select the desired profile on the left and click Edit. If creating a new profile, select Create.

Step 6

Select the Behavior tab to access the xAPI specific settings.

Step 7

If needed, scroll down to the Automatic xAPI Statements section.

Step 8

Click the checkbox to turn on or off any of the types of xAPI statements.

Step 9

Select the question mark to learn about what type of information this statement provides.

Step 10

Click on the Update button to save your changes.

Step 11

Select the Close button when you are done editing and creating Publishing Profiles.

Step 12

To change a default profile for a course, you can edit the Cour Properties, or select a new profile when publishing.

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