• 1
    Select the Call Out on the page.
  • 2
    Select the Options tab.
  • 3
    The Options tab has a number of design options for the Call Out component as a whole. You can change the look of the Call Out by changing the color, adding a border, and adding an icon. Select the down triangle under Styles to open the full Styles panel.
  • 4
    Select the Orange option in the second row.
  • 5
    The Style of the Call Out has changed. To edit the content within the Call Out, double click on it.
  • 6
    In the breadcrumb above the stage, you can see that you are editing the Callout. You can choose from several content layout options. Select the single-body content option.
  • 7
    A Placeholder will be added. Select the Content Text.
  • 8
    Add text. You can use the + icon to add more content layouts to the Call Out. Select the Exit button to leave edit mode and return to the main Page content.
  • 9
    Preview the Current Page to see how the Call Out will look and behave for your learners.
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