• 1
    In this example, we have an image of a double carat that we'll use as the element the learner will click on. Select the image on the page.
  • 2
    Select the Interact tab.
  • 3
    Select Actions.
  • 4
    Select Functions and Variables.
  • 5
    Select Set Variable.
  • 6
    Select Next.
  • 7
    On the panel that opens to thr right of the Stage, leave the Triger: set to When clicked and the Timer set to 0:0.0. Since this is the first Custom Variable we're creating, there are no variables available under the Variable: dropdown, so it is set to New Variable. You use the Name: field to type in the name of the new variable. For this example, we'll name the variable "AllClicked." Click the Name field and we'll add the name in for you.
  • 8
    The Operator sets the type of value change we want to use to set the value of the variable. By default it is set to "=", which would set the value to a specific amount. We want clicking the button to increase the variable's value by 1, so select the Operator drop down list.
  • 9
    Select "+=".
  • 10
    The Value field is where you set how much the variable will increase by. Click the Value field and we'll add in "1".
  • 11
    To prevent the learner from increasing the variable's value repeatedly by clicking this button, we'll set this action to Fire Once. Select the checkbox beside Fire Once:.
  • 12
    Click Apply to complete and save the set up of this action.
  • 13
    The action is now shown on the Element Interactions list.
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