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How do I stop hotspots from drifting off target in mobile view?

I have created several hotspots with actions over images that work fine in desktop view, but drift off target when viewed in mobile. How do I keep hotspots in place? Thanks for your help.
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Can you point custom hamburger menu items toward pages in the course, or only to outside URLs?

I am using the Course Player theme. I need all course pages to show on the initial menu, rather than having to select Outline > Course Page, but the theme doesn't allow any changes to that menu item. It does offer several custom menu items I can add, however, it doesn't seem to allow me to choose course pages as the destinations, just URLs. 

Is there a way to edit the Outline menu option, or use the custom menu options to point to the pages inside the course to bypass the Outline menu ...
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How do you create a trigger on one page to show an icon on another page?

How do you trigger a show action for an icon that is on one page, but the trigger action is the completion of another page? 

I selected the page > clicked Trigger > When this page is completed > Show Action > then the only items I can select are on the same page that I am using as a trigger. I can't figure out where to select an image on another page to show on completion. The search only returns items on the same page, too.

Do I have to create a custom variable or am I missing ...
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