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The Designing Accessible Learning Content Programme is designed specifically for learning practitioners and demonstrates how to practically apply the latest WCAG 2.2 standards to learning content using any authoring tool. It is based on the eLearning accessibility framework at the core of my book  Designing Accessible Learning Content published by Kogan Page.

It draws from extensive experience providing consultancy, auditing and training support to over 80 organisations and training more than 600 delegates on how to make digital content accessible.

“Without a doubt one of the best online learning programmes I've ever done! The genius of these modules is not only that they teach you how to design accessible and inclusive learning content, but they are also incredible examples themselves of what this should look like.” Vicky Park

“For many years there have been too many excuses in our industry about why we couldn't make learning content accessible and inclusive. With the release of this exceptional programme, there are simply no longer any excuses.” Sam Garner

Designing Accessible Learning Content

A Practical Guide to Applying best-practice Accessibility Standards to L&D Resources
by Susi Miller

Use this guide to understand how to design inclusive and accessible learning content that works for everyone.

Great book that focus on accessibility from the perspective of eLearning content development.

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