Tim Slade join us to help everyone get started with storyboarding. We'll talk about learning the process of storyboarding as different from your instructional design work. But also take full advantage of your efforts designing instruction to help in the storyboarding process.



Storyboarding is only one part of the instructional design process. But storyboarding is a craft that's been around for a very long time, and used in the design process of many creative endeavors. There are many different techniques for storyboarding as well. Some IDs will start with pen and paper sketching out their concepts. Others use templates in digital applications. And many designers who also develop will storyboard directly inside their authoring tool.

It's a seemingly simple part of your work as an instructional designer, but not everyone creates them as part of their eLearning development process. And if you're new to instructional design, you may have never been taught a simple storyboarding process and why it's important to do the work.

Tune in for this conversation filled with process tips and tricks that sure raise the success bar on your training projects.

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