During this episode of IDIODC, the gang brings on special guest Tanya Seidel to chat inclusive design and accessibility. This session will focus on some of the easier things you can do in development that have a big impact on a course's accessibility.



Inclusive design and ensuring courses are accessible to people with disabilities should not be an afterthought. With organizations like Microsoft putting a priority on inclusive design with all of their products, including their product packaging, a new bar is being set for expectations around accessibility and it's time for the e-learning community to follow suit. Historically, accessible e-learning has been categorized as having to be static and limited on engagement. It doesn't have to be! But, many of the rapid e-learning tools that are available today don't always make it easy on developers. So what can we do? Something is better than nothing, and even if you're not obligated to adhere to Section 508, you can take at least some steps to help make your courses accessible to people with disabilities. 

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