For this special last IDIODC episode of 2018, the IDIODC guys bring on special guest Dr. Ray Jimenez to chat why work-based learning... works!


Ray, Brent and Chris go over this major new trend in instructional design that integrates learning experience, not training events, into the regular flow of our business process making learning a major part of working. 

Ray is an accomplished learning architect, facilitator, author, systems developer and consultant for eLearning. 

As the Chief Learning Architect and Founder of, Ray's passion focuses on helping evolve the way organizations deliver learning experiences via context-driven, micro-content to better fit real-world practices. 

He invented the kernel learning design called "SRIA" - Set up, Relate, Interpret and Apply. SRIA applies to all modalities including micro-elearning and mobile learning. (What is SRIA? Check out more with this video.)

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