How & Why it Works with Crystal Vesely



Crystal Vesely, Manager of Training and Communications at a major financial institution, manages a dream team. Actually, that team is three different teams: The KM specialists, the instructional designers, and the training delivery team. What makes it even dreamier is that she is part of operations, not HR. What makes this better, and why it works, is the topic of our conversation.

Crystal shares her journey of how she manages the teams, and restructured operations content to make it more accessible and useful for the employees using Information Mapping techniques. Crystal dives into the differences and the connections between the three functions, and how they work together. She explains how she measures success, adapts to changes, and future plans to leverage AI for learning in the flow of work.  

What you will take away:

  • Process that supports the learning ecosystem to save time and effort
  • How better collaboration leads to supporting key metrics
  • How strategic change correlates to meeting business goals

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