This single-source content feature lets you target multiple audiences or learning contexts in the same Project

The Publish Targets feature allows you to create learner-audience specific contexts and apply them to:

  • Content elements on the page
  • Pages
  • Test Question Pages
  • Learning Objects
  • Modules

When you publish the Project you can use the targets to set what content is included for a specific learning audience or context.

This feature allows you to create one project that can be published to target different learner audiences.

For example, a Project can have Pages identified for Managers and Pages identified for Employees. When you publish, you can publish the Manager version first then publish the Employee version. They can even be set to use different Themes and Publishing Profiles. Both published versions are stored and tracked separately to make it easier to republish later.

By default, only Administrators can create and manage Publish Targets. There is also a custom Author role setting to allow you to create Authors who can create and manage Publish Targets.

To start using Publish Targets, you need to add targets to your site.

To do that, select the Application Menu, then select Organization (1) then Publish Targets (2).

On the Browse Targets panel that opens, select Add Target (3).

On the Create Target panel, add a Title (required) for the Target and Description (optional) (4) then select Ok (5).

The Create Target panel will close and your new Target will be added to the Browse Targets panel.

Managing Publish Targets

Editing a Target

If you need to make changes to a Target, you can select it on the Browse Targets panel (1) then select Edit (2).

The Edit Target panel will open. Make any edits you need then select Ok (3).

The Changes you make will cascade to any uses of the target in your content.

For example if you rename a Target from Employees to Staff, any content uses will now reflect the new name, Staff.

Deleting a Target

If you need to delete a target, select it on the Browse targets Panel then select Edit.

You'll see the delete option on the Edit Target panel. 

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