Summer 2023 Feature Release Highlights

A powerful new approach to single-source content, new Project Filtering options, new Question Page and Quiz options and more in our 7.4.3 release

As we prepare our Summer 2023 Feature Release (7.4.3) for delivery to our non-Enterprise clients, here's an overview of what's coming.

(Most Enterprise clients have received the release on their UAT sites so they can begin their UAT processes.) 


Publish Targets for Different Learner Audiences

This release brings forward a whole new level of content re-use with a new feature that allows you to create learner-audience specific contexts and apply them to:

  • Content elements on the page
  • Pages
  • Learning Objects
  • Modules

When you publish the Project you can use the targets to set what content is included for a specific learning audience or context.

Essentially, this feature allows you to create one project that can be published to target different learner audiences. For example, a Project can now have Pages identified for Managers and Pages identified for Employees. When you publish, you can publish the Manager version first then publish the Employee version. They can even be set to use different Themes and Publishing Profiles. Both published versions are stored and tracked separately to make it easier to republish later.

We’re really excited about this feature, as it adds very powerful options to dominKnow | ONE’s single-sourcing content model.

We've created a Collection with articles to get you started setting up and using Publish Targets:

Working with Publish Targets >> 

New Filtering for Projects

A new approach to filtering projects has been implemented in a number of places in dominKnow | ONE. 

For example, you'll find it on the Browse Projects panel.

When you select the Browse tab you now have access to the new Filters which include the previous Categories, Collections and Life Cycles plus also add filters for:

  • General
  • Teams
  • Assigned to
  • Created by 
  • Types
  • Status
  • Product
  • Copy Status
  • Languages
  • Themes
  • Publish Status
  • Publish Profile
  • Publish Type
  • Published Date
  • Created Date
  • Last Modified Date
  • Translation Import Date


The newly-added options make it easier to find specific content.

In addition to the Browse Projects panel, similar filters are also available:

  • In most Reports under the Application Menu’s Reports option
  • In the Copy Content from A Project and Copy From A Baseline workflows
  • The search tab on the Add to Your Page panel


This article explains how to use these new filtering options, including saving custom filters for later re-use:

Working with the Project Filtering options on the Browse Projects panel >>

New Question Page – Fill in the Blanks

On the Add a Question Page’s menu for Rapid question types, you can now add a second fill in the blank question type.

This new question page is forms-based like the Fill in the Blanks exercise activity on the Engage tab. It provides a simpler approach to setting up a Fill in The Blanks question page than the already-available Fill in the Blanks question pages.

This new Question Page can be used as a scored Assessment question or as a non-scored Practice page.

This lesson explains how to set up this new type of question page:

Fill in the Blanks (forms-based) Test Question Page >>

New Engage Exercise Activity Elements 

We’ve added three new interactive activity elements (components) to the Engage tab’s Quizzes and Exercises section:

  • Image Hotspot
  • Matching
  • Sequencing

Like the other activity components available as Engage quizzes and exercises, these can only be used as non-scored learning activities.

These activities were previously already available as full Question Pages, where they can be used as scored Assessments or as non-scored practice pages.

Image Hotspot Practice Quiz >>

Matching Practice Quiz >>

Sequencing Practice Quiz >>

Batch Import Test Questions into Flow via Excel

Authors can now batch import test questions into Flow Projects using Excel. 

The import feature supports True or False, Multiple Choice, Multiple Pulldowns and Fill in the Blanks questions.

Like the already-available process for Claro content, authors need to download the prepared Excel template from dominKnow | ONE and add in the questions.

This article has all the details to help you import test questions into either Flow or Claro:

Importing Test Questions via Excel File >> 

New Administrator Log In Experience, New Customizable Administrator Roles

When Administrators log into dominKnow | ONE, they will now have a new initial experience.

Instead of being presented with the Splash Page dashboard, they will initially be presented with the Administer-related options available under the Application menu. At the top of the list is an option to switch to Authoring.

The change makes it quicker for Administrators to access these sorts of functions, without having close up the Splash Page and open the Application Menu.


Custom Administrator Roles

Along with this change, you can now create Custom Administrator Roles with control over whether an Administrator has permission to:

  • Manage Users
  • Manage Content
  • Manage Project Metadata
  • Manage Publishing
  • Author content
  • Manage other Administrator roles
  • Assign roles to other Administrators
  • Manage Themes

You can set a custom Administrator Role to be the default for inviting new Administrators to your site.

NOTE: Because of its potential to create security issues, this Custom Administrator Role feature:

  • Will NOT be activated by default.
  • Will only be made available to specific Administrators in your site once you ask for it to be activated.

If you'd like to have it added to your site, please send an email to You will need to identify which of your Administrators should be provided access to the feature.

The custom Administrator Roles will be available to your designated Administrator on the Application Menu’s Users options, in the Roles section (which also features the previously-available feature for creating custom Author roles).

New Reports

The Application Menu’s Reporting options now include a report for Users, to help Admins quickly find and track user information such as username, first and last name, email address, as well as data such as invitation date, first login date, last log in date and IP address.

The Application Menu’s Publish section now includes a Publishing Report to help you find and manage any projects that have been published.


Improvements to Question Elements (Engage Quizzes and Exercises) 

All Heading and Question Body text fields in the Engage tab’s Quizzes and Exercises elements (components) now support full rich text. You can still work with them in the form-based approach for rapid development or you can use the new link to open a text editor to support inline formatting such as bold, italics, underlining, font size, and more. 

Plus you can now add System or Custom variables as text in these Heading and Question Body fields. And you now have the ability to set the alignment of the heading and body text for these types of questions.

These question elements now support Partially Correct feedback.

The Multiple Choice Question Elements have received some additional improvements:

  • The Choices now support rich text
  • You can now set feedback for each choice. The learner can review the choice-level feedback by selecting each choice.

List Element Improvements

The text fields in a List element are now full rich text. You can still work with them in the form-based approach but they now have a link to open a text editor to support inline formatting such as bold, italics, underlining, font size, and more.

There is now an option to set one icon for all items in the List element. You can still set separate Icons for each element, the new option makes it easier to set all icons to be the same.

When translating Projects, the translation file will now export List Elements with each item on a separate line making the list easier to read for translators.

This article includes the steps to edit a list which shows the changed features.

Working with List Elements >>

New Options for Publishing Profiles 

Several new options have been added to Publishing Profiles:

  • Open Page Notes in New Window – If you select this option (the default is off), when the Project is launched it will open a second browser window to display any added Pages Notes for the learner to view as they navigate the project. The second browser window is synchronized with the main Project browser window, so as the learner uses the Next or back buttons, the Page Notes browser automatically updates.
  • Automatically Link Glossaries – This setting searches the Project’s text elements for all terms that are a part of the assigned glossary and automatically links those terms to the glossary definitions. This includes terms that show up within the definitions of any glossary assigned to the project.
  • Send Scoring - Allows the author to enable/disable the ability to send test scores to the LMS.
  • Record Interactions - Allows the author to enable/disable whether the Project records assessment interactions and sends them to the LMS.
  • Preload Images in Published Content - With this setting turned on, the Project will preload image files in the background so when they arrive at a page with images or they trigger an action that shows an image the image will show immediately, rather than being downloaded to the browser when it is called for by the page or the action. 
  • Non-Linear Completion Assistant  - If a learner jumps part way into a Module (for example using the Project Outline or using the Learning Object Cards in a project using the Tutorial Theme) then attempts to go into the next module, this setting will return them to the skipped content in the current Module before they can complete the Module. 

New Options for Custom Author Roles

Several new options have been added to the Custom Author Roles, allowing you to set whether an Author can:

  • Export/import a project from one dominKnow|ONE site for use on another dominKnow|ONE site. 
  • Manage themes
  • Access the Publish Report and to delete published packages
  • Manage Company Assets
  • Add theme JavaScript and CSS

Knowledge Base Theme Improvements

The Knowledge Base Theme now has an option to display search results within the Home Page’s menu cards rather than opening the full search results panel.

The Knowledge Base theme can now display "More" at the bottom of each topic tile on the homepage for any learning object which contains more than five pages. Clicking More then expands the list to display all pages.

Also, there is now an option in the Menu section of the theme designer for the Knowledge Base theme which when enabled will Preserve Index Casing. This ensures terms in project’s Index display in the same case they were typed in the page properties. 

Tutorial Theme Improvements

The Tutorial Theme, originally designed for use in job aids and similar just-in-time learning contexts, has been improved to better support its use for elearning courses.

It now supports assessments and multiple Modules.

Other Improvements

  • Site administrators now have an option to allow the storage of the subject NameId as the username when the user is logging in with an IDProvider.
  • A new section border option allows Authors to add borders to page sections in Flow projects.
  • Glossary case sensitivity is now an option that is enabled by default and can be disabled via the glossary manager.
  • You can now add variables to the options for multiple choice question elements added from the Engage tab’s Quizzes and Exercises section.
  • Two new System variables have been added which allow the author to display the Project Duration value as set in the Project Properties and display the Time Remaining of the set duration.
  • The parent/child relationship of shared learning objects is now maintained when both projects are exported from one instance of dominKnow | ONE to another.
  • Learning objects no longer require content pages in order for any attached test questions to be included in a project’s assessments.
  • A new quick link to republish a project has been added to the Project Details panel of the Project Browser for any project that has been updated since the last publish.
  • You now add more than one page in a Page in a Light Box action.
  • You can now copy Target Pages from other Projects.
  • Images on Flip Card Sets can now contain text captions below the images.
  • A new option has been added for Capture elements which allows the learner to select and switch between all experience types. 
  • The Media Library now supports JFIF images.
  • Glossary definitions now allow the addition of links to assets, such as, video, html widgets, audio, images and PDF files.
  • When inviting a new author you now have the option to predetermine the workspace mode (Essentials, Essentials Plus, Designer) for the author.
  • Published packages can now be removed via the Recent Published Packages list on a Project's Insights panel.

  • The Story View theme now supports right-to-left text.

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