Easily publish your single-source Project for different target audiences for formal elearning

When you publish a Project, you can take advantage of the Publish Targets feature to create multiple packages for your LMS, one for each target audience.

In this example, we've set up a Project with some content targeting Employees and some content targeting Managers.

We'll publish the Employees version first, as a SCORM package to upload into our LMS.

On the Share panel, select Download LMS Package (1).

The Publish panel will open over the interface.

In addition to sections for Package Details, Learning Standards and xAPI Data, there is a section called Package Options.

In the Label field (2), add a text label to help you identify the package. 

The published package will include all content.

The Target: drop down list (3) lets you select what Targets you want this package to show to the learner.

If you select All Targets, the package will show all content in the Project, whether it has been assigned to a Publish Target or not.

If you select Content without Targets the package will only show content that has not had any Publish Targets assigned.

The Employees and Manager options in this example are auto-populated based on the Publish Targets that have been set in the Project.

If you select either of those, the package will show content that has been assigned to that Publish tag plus content that has not had any Publish Targets assigned.

You can also choose to set the package to use a different Theme and/or a different Publishing Profile than the Project's default settings (4). 

Select Publish (5) to publish the package.

After the package is prepared, the panel will refresh.

Select Download Package (6) to download the package to your local computer.

Publishing for Another Target Audience or Republishing the Same Package 

Once a first package has been published, when you return to publish again you will see a Card for any previously published packages.

The arrows icon in the lower right corner of the Card opens a tool panel (shown as an inset here) with options to, from left to right:

  • Delete the package
  • Edit the package details
  • Republish the package
  • Download the package

You can also select the Add New Publish card to publish an additional package, for example, to publish a package for Managers.

The Publish Cards are also shown on the Insights panel for the Project, where you can also access the arrows icon to open the tools to Download any published package.

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