You can have Elements on any Page targeting multiple learning audiences or contexts

You can set Publish Targets for Elements on any Page. 

When you publish you can choose which Publish Targets should be included, allowing you to target multiple learning audiences or contexts from a single Project.

Here are the steps for adding a Publish Target to an Element.

NOTE: These steps assume you have already set up Publish Targets in your site. Here's an article that walks through that process:

Setting Up and Managing Publish Targets >>

To set a Publish Target for an Element, select the Element on the Page.

Select the Publish Target icon (1).

The Select Publish Targets panel will open over the interface.

Select an available Publish Target from the Audiences list such as Manager (2) then select Ok (3).

You can select more than one Publish Target, if needed.

The Select Publish Targets panel will close.

The Publish Target icon will now show an extra bubble, indicating that one or more Publish Targets have been applied to it.


Editing or Removing Publish Targets from an Element

To change or remove Publish Targets from the Element, select the Publish Target icon to open the Select Publish Targets panel.

You can deselect a Publish Target or select additional targets, then select Ok to save your changes. 

When an Element is not selected on the Stage, any applied Publish Targets will be shown in its upper left corner.

You can control the display of the Publish Target information on elements from the View tab (1).

Selecting or deselecting the Highlight Publish Targets option (2) sets whether or not the targets are displayed on elements.

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