Allison Rossett joins #IDIODC for a highly informative, and fun conversation! You do not want to miss this special episode with the Legend of Performance Support.



Allison Rossett's web site has a great quote, "She works on Learning and Technology in a way that is creative, concrete, and quirky." But what it should say is The Greatest of All Time! And her credits and accolades prove it. Not to mention being a genuinely wonderful human being.

She is a legend in L&D, but specifically making her mark in the realm of Performance Support. She was promoting Performance Analysis and Support before most practitioners had even thought about what instruction might look like outside of the classroom.

I still have the first edition of First Things Fast on my bookshelf. If you don't have it, you should get it.

The wonderful thing about Allison is that she enjoys life and is a pleasure to talk with. I once asked her to keynote a TLDC Event I was programming and she told me she would like to discuss Happiness. Happiness in the workplace: Who owns it? Of course I said yes, and she crushed it! The recording is probably still available on YouTube.

Honestly, I don't care what we end up talking about with her. But I do know it will be highly informative, and more than anything, FUN!

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