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Currently a learen will be marked as having "passed" a learning object even if they have not engaged with any part of the object.  Seems to be a default.  Can you change the conditions or "when" this statement is passed or earned?
Current xAPI out put looks like:
Attempted> Experienced> passed> "custom statements">
ex: (top to bottome reads as last statement to first statement)
2022-08-22T15:02:11.008 Amy Parent answered 'Q2 ST Pre-assessment'
2022-08-22T15:02:06.908 Amy Parent answered 'Q1 S...

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Love the new feature where you can share projects across DominKnow | One instances!   Of course, I have to ask, can you share an entire collection, avoiding the need to share each individual project?

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We have several developers responsible for maintaining our projects.  We see the dashboard as a potentially very useful way to communicate status/life cycle, changes made, if a new export is needed, etc.  Currently, we use the checklist to communicate parts of status, we use the life cycle, we use review periods.  We are starting to leave commit notes that comment on an update made but wonder how we might leverage the dashboard further to know if updates were made and if a new export is neede...

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Can you push updates to a baseline object out to other projects using it?   I made some editorial updates to content in a project marked as a baseline.  One other project has been build from this baseline (duplicated).  How can I get those updates "pushed out" to the other project with out going in and manually making the same updates there?
Assumptions I'm operating under:   any customizing in that object will be overwritten when baseline updates are pulled in.

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