Can you push updates to a baseline object out to other projects using it?

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Posted   3 years ago

Can you push updates to a baseline object out to other projects using it?   I made some editorial updates to content in a project marked as a baseline.  One other project has been build from this baseline (duplicated).  How can I get those updates "pushed out" to the other project with out going in and manually making the same updates there?

Assumptions I'm operating under:   any customizing in that object will be overwritten when baseline updates are pulled in.




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avatar Chris Van Wingerden   |    
Posted   3 years ago

Hi Amy -

When a Project is created from a Baseline, it's made as a duplicate with no connection back to the original Baseline project. So there isn't a way to push updates made to a baseline out to Projects previously created from it.

Depending on the nature of the changes you've made, you could open the copied Project then copy in Pages or Learning Objects from the modified Baseline, and then delete the previous versions of the pages. For example, say 5 pages have changed in the Baseline - you could copy those into the second Project and then delete the 5 older pages. 

When you're working in the copied Project, there's a button called Copy in the New section of the Home tab (to the right of the Page and Question buttons on the left end of the tab.) Select that and the drop down options include Copy From a Baseline. There's a dialog box where you can find/select the original Project and then choose what pages you want to copy into the second project (the one you're working on).

Hope this helps!



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Thanks Chris. That approach can work :). Appreciate it.