Can you make a custom Accordion or Slider element?

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Posted   8 months ago

I am trying to figure out if you can create a custom accordion/slider effect where you have 3 or 4 narrow rectangles that cover from top to bottom of screen on one side of page and with separate clicks move one at a time to the other side of the page, revealing different information between them as once they have completed their moves.   



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avatar Chris Van Wingerden   |    
Posted   8 months ago

Are you working in Claro or Flow?

In Claro, you could set this up so the rectangles are shapes over text or other elements below them in the stacking order. When the learner triggers each rectangle, it can be animated to move across the page. Under the Actions, there's a set of Animations, including options to move an element to a specific x/y location or to move it by an amount of pixels.

This approach wouldn't work for Flow content because of the way Flow pages are structured to respond to changes.

Can I ask the instructional purpose/effect that you're looking for? There may be other ways to do something similar. Also, do you need to factor in Accessibility? That will affect the design for this type of interaction. 



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8 months ago     GMotto     0   |   1  

I am working in Claro. I was able to find an article related to this that pointed out the step on getting it to animate/move to desired location which works perfectly, where I am now running into problems is reversing the function. Once the element moves to one side, if the user would like to move them back to look at something in particular. I have the variables created, but their values do not seem to isolate or assign when they are moved?