Is there a way to make it so people have to pass the post test before that can move on to the next module?

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Posted   one year ago


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avatar Paul Schneider   |    
Posted   12 months ago
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Yes this can be done by creating a custom end of Module screen. The end of Module screen appears after every test. In this screen you would not allow the user to move forward until they passed. This would be done by setting the "continue to next module" button as hidden. Then applying an action to show it when the system variable of current module score is greater than or equal to the current module passing score. (Or you could just set the later manually too.)

Working with master pages and custom end screens




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12 months ago     jhermes18     16   |   5  

how do you create a custom end of a module screen?

11 months ago     Paul Schneider     753   |   8  

Here is an article that provides more details on creating custom end screens