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I am trying to lay several hot spots over an .svg image but once inserted, the hotspot covers the entire graphic and apprears to be infinitely wide (you cannot reach the right border to resize it. The size controls which default to 80 x 80 do not have an effect.
Could you confirm this for me or let me know if I need to use a differnt method to inser the hotspot.
best regards

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I wanted to light box a page containing 2 tabsets, each with two tabs. The tabs work when the page is previewed on it own but fail to work the page appears in a light box. Is this to be expected? Is that a limitation of the lightbox? The FX animations are ignored and  while each tab highlights, the content for the second tab never appears.
best regards

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I have a series of pages each with a simple flow chart linking 2-3 blocks of content. Does anyone have any examples of a flow chart that would work in a responsive way or would it be best to use a custome CSS setup for this?
This is a Flow project.
thanks in advance
Cameron Bowyer

Is there a way to post an image here?

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