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Hi there, 

I have nearly 220 hours of instructional content on Powerpoint (PPT) that needs conversion in to a SCORM package using DominKnow flow. I am aware that Claro supports PPT, but Flow doesn't. 


Other than copying and pasting each slide and wasting hours, is there a workaround to achieve this?

Any magic trick to accomplish this would highly be appreciated.



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Hi There, 

New in Claro, still figuring out some cool features. 


I am trying to publish my first eLearning course and I noticed that the content display is locked in both preview and publishing mode. It doesn't change or resize the content display when I resize the window or view it on the full screen. It only takes half of the screen. 


I found "Resize window load" option in the "Publishing Profile settings". Not sure, if that's the correct option but it's checked. Still, ...

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New in Claro!
The goal is to narrate when someone flip the card. 
I have added the flip card on my slide but I am not able to add narration in it.  Can someone give the instructions on how to add triggers in the flip card? I would highly appreciate that. 

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